RIP Mr. Business

The name of our most recent demo. We recorded in the Fall of 2016. All original songs. Big D and Charlie mixed the tracks. No overdubs done.

We have an page! Click here to listen to past shows.

Demo II

We recorded a practice session on 3/25/2015 using an audio interface. Jake mixed tracks with exception of Walls and Shadows, which was mixed by Zach.

“Silence” and “Walls and Shadows” were written by Melissa Weaver.
“Squareknot” was written by Jake Iwen.
“Door Bells” and “Which Way Is Up” were written by Zach Tauer.

Demo I

Our first, and now outdated, demo was recorded at The Students’ Coop. It features seven original songs written by some of our band members. Below is the song list. It can be used as a reference to see how our sound has changed.

  1. Silence (written by Melissa Weaver)
  2. Star Love (written by Melissa Weaver)
  3. Hood Season (written by Zach Tauer)
  4. Square Knot (written by Jake Iwen)
  5. Sell the Stars (written by Melissa Weaver)
  6. Winter River (written by Kathleen Hobert)
  7. You and I (written by Melissa Weaver)

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