About The Band

What is Compost Sleeping Bag? As the name may suggest, Compost Sleeping Bag is a 6-piece band that blends folk, bluegrass, rock, and jazz. Boasting powerful female vocals, bluegrass instrumentation, and a hard hitting rhythm section, Compost Sleeping Bag is a unique, fun, and uplifting band.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Compost Sleeping Bag became official in May of 2014. Compost Sleeping Bag has since played shows at bars and clubs in Minneapolis; small and large music festivals throughout Minnesota; in Wisconsin as part of a tour; and numerous fundraisers and house parties.

The band consists of banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar, male and female vocals, bass, and the drum kit working together to create a fusion of folk, rock, bluegrass, and jazz. The band play a variety of original material as well as covers ranging from traditional bluegrass tunes to pop hits. Compost Sleeping Bag music will have you smiling, thinking deep, and dancing!

Compost Sleeping Bag consists of:

Melissa Weaver: Vocals
Jake Iwen: Guitar and Vocals
Zach Tauer: Banjo and Vocals
Patrick Connerton: Drums and Vocals
Kris Larson: Bass
Jake Rohde: Mandolin


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